KISS and get Engaged!

KISS and Engage Social Media

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When it comes to getting your message across on social media first impressions and time are crucial. Remember, people reading your posts, tweets and updates are probably doing so while they are on their break, in between TV programmes or chilling out. They probably have very limited “TST”- Thumb Scrolling Time!


So how do we help them and get their attention? Think KISS and I’m not talking Heavy Rock band or using your lips! I mean make sure you “Keep It Short and Simple”.


So here’s my short lesson on Kissing! – think of it as if you are on your first date maybe.

  • Grab their attention with a great image that stands out. (Make sure you look good)
  • Then get a short Punchy Headline or Title. (Maybe even your chat up line?)
  • Now for the main body of text. Get straight to the point and explain briefly what it is you are trying to say in as little words as possible. Don’t give it all away in the post (Be careful here and don’t bore the person but definitely don’t go for the smooch straight away!)
  • Decide what you want the reader to do and add a clear CALL TO ACTION eg Understand how here (You know what they like so suggest where you can go for your next date)
  • Now add a link to your blog, landing page or source of the full article (give them the full address of where you will meet and your telephone number – again just in case they forgot it!)


Einstein’s KISS Formula:  KISS = (H x 6) + (T x 50) + CTA22


For reference: H = Headline | T = Text | CTA = Call To Action


So when it comes to social media and potentially other marketing or promotional activities, just KISS and who knows, you may get ENGAGED with your audience! Enjoy!!!


Have you seen or read any good examples of KISSing? Please do feel free to share them with us on our Facebook page or add links in the comments below.