Tadiwa Mwamuka

Senior community manager

Favourite gadget? Besides my phone? My blender – I’m a shakes and smoothie girl
What you do for relaxation? TV programme marathons with a bowl of popcorn
What is your favourites alcoholic drink? A refreshing G & T with plenty of ice and a lime wedge always goes down well
What/who makes you laugh? My sister, especially when sharing childhood memories
Favourite app? Whatsapp is essential when friends and family are spread all across the globe
If you could buy a famous person/personality a drink who would it be? Novelist Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie. She’s a great voice for African women and feminism
What is it you specialise in at mc square ie what do you deliver for clients? I work closely with clients to ensure their brand is promoted through social media by developing creative content for various channels. I enjoy the whole process of coming up with ideas for campaigns, creating the campaign and then delivering it. It’s important to develop a relationship with the client where they feel they can trust me with their brand and they feel I am accessible to them.